Word On The Street

Can We Date?

Source: The Morning News


Full size here: http://www.themorningnews.org/images/TMN-CanWeDate.png

* * *

Real world attraction, THEN online interaction

Cheek’d: A fun and non-intimidating way to meet that intriguing stranger who just sparked your interest.

Because sometimes it’s better to let a card do the talking for you, Cheek’d provides members with a deck of 50 cards, each bearing a flirtatious comment to charm and pique the curiosity of your intended. Also on the card, is your unique code linked to a private online profile that you’ve created. With card in hand, the object of your affection can enter your unique code at cheekd.com, learn more about you and send you a message. Privacy protected and missed connection averted.


Read the NY Times piece: The New Dating Tools: A Card and a Wink

* * *

The Hamburger Theory of Love

by Yours Truly

Where’s the beef?! Clearly I’ve been dating repressed Catholics.

At least they’re bringing confidence and independence to the table…


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