5 Romantic Bay Area Foodie Dates

How About We…
, the site that aims to fast-forward the online dating process (getting users out on actual dates and not hung up on lengthy profiles or email exchanges), asked me to come up with date ideas specific to San Francisco. Here are my 5 favorite SF foodie dates that are affordable, fun and super-romantic…

5 Romantic San Francisco Foodie Dates

Some say to avoid food on first or second dates, but I completely disagree. Not only do the culinary offerings of a city define its character — and therefore make it an interesting aspect to explore — you’ll find out very quickly whether your date has food issues (i.e. “I only eat cheese from raw goats milk”). Plus, it’s difficult to not enjoy a date when you’re sampling your city’s best.

1. Food Cart Adventure

The date: How about we… go food truck hopping? Spencer on the Go! for escargot popsicles, Kung Fu Tacos for tortilla-wrapped duck, and The Crème Brûlée Cart for you know what.

Why it’s great: Brown-bag a bottle of wine and eat in the street like you’re in high school. Maybe you’ll get those same first date butterflies?

2. Hog Island Oysters (like, on the farm)

The date: How about we… drive up north and shuck oysters at Hog Island Oyster in Tomales Bay?

Why it’s great: There’s no better way to get to know someone than taking a road trip together (albeit a short one) and picnicking near the ocean. Plus the sight of your date wearing yellow fisherman gloves and wielding a shucking knife is one you won’t forget. And you know what they say about oysters…

3. The Nopa Burger

The date: How about we… eat a gourmet hamburger at Nopa? Grass fed beef, brioche bun, picked onions, basil aioli and French fries.

Why it’s great: San Francisco is full of delicious and pricey restaurants—yet almost all of them share one thing in common: the gourmet hamburger. It’s always the cheapest thing on the menu and one of the most delicious. The hamburger date is the affordable fancy date.

4. Wine and Cheese, Please

The date: How about we… challenge each other to a wine and cheese tasting competition at Hôtel Biron?

Why it’s great: I love dates with a competitive element; it ups the fun. Test your knowledge together by guessing cheese types and wine varietals. Jot your answers down on paper and think of a prize for whoever wins!

5. Mexican Fiesta

The date: How about we… have a Mexican fiesta at Doña Tomas?

Why it’s great: If the Bay Area does one thing well, it’s Mexican food. This Berkeley gem offers yummy authentic Mexican dishes, amazing Margaritas, and a colorful atmosphere. ¡Buen provecho!


Now remember, you can always up the ante: If you and your date are feeling particularly brave, try bonding over sweetbreads or cow tongue!

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