Fast Forward

Whenever the topic of “moving in together” comes up, I always say the same thing: DO IT.

If you are thinking seriously enough about someone to want to pursue domestic bliss, then you should not waste any more time.

BUT beware: The minute you share the same space with your love, a giant magnifying glass will magically appear and hoover over your relationship from there on out. You will figure out (quickly) what your interpersonal dynamics really are…and what issues need to be ironed out flat.

The faster you move forward in a relationship, the faster you can weed out the people who are not great matches for you (or vice verse…I know, rejection is a hard pill to swallow).

Which brings me to sex. Is it any different from moving in together? In other words: is sooner, better?

My new theory is YES. I would much rather have awkward, sub-par, chemistry-lacking sex on date three versus date ten. Think about all of the time and energy wasted if you wait for weeks on end, and eventually, the sex is NOT good. At the risk of sounding slutty (and alienating those that are prude) I’m going to go right out and say it: if you feel so inclined, have sex in stage one — on one of your first several dates.

If you are not moved to make a move, you should move on. You should not be romantically involved with someone that you cannot resist taking to bed. There shouldn’t be a spark, there should be fireworks. After all, by the time you live with someone, you are having less sex. You might as well downgrade to FOGS (fairly often good sex) rather than OBS (occasional boring sex), right?

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