Naming Dates & Lovers

When you first start spending time with someone, you should not use their real name with others. When referring to your date / lover with friends, family and co-workers, come up with a temporary pseudonym. This way, you won’t get prematurely attached — plus you can date someone with that same name in the future without a reminder of the past.

There are a few things that can inspire a moniker for widespread use (until they disappear, you drop them, or they become an actual girlfriend / boyfriend worthy of a real name):

* Occupation (this works well if they have an unusual job)
Wine guy; Tech girl; Dancing man; Guitar dude; Hot dentist

* Hometown / state / country (this can work for anyone)
Indian dude; Japanese chick; Boston; Italian guy; California

* Behavior (can be assigned after a few dates)
Miss Priss; Ass-grabber; Mr. Unreliable; The Lush; Sir talks-a-lot

* Physical attribute (must be a distinguishing characteristic)
Nerd glasses; Blondie; Rocket man; Legs; The Nose; Hot ta-tas

Really, anything can work. Pick something about the person that strikes you on the first, second or third date. Good luck!

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